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Next-gen Emissions Control technologies for the Shipping Industry

PurEmissions 3-in-1 combined SOx+NOx+PM emissions control technology...

PEL unit.jpg

...allows any vessel to meet the toughest emission limits anywhere in the world

Controlling vessel exhaust emissions today is prohibitively expensive, complex and inhibits the move to low/zero carbon fuels


Technology controls and captures all 3 in 1-system
- SOx, NOx and Soot

Sea Green E logo.png
Sea Green E logo.png

 can save you up to 50% on fuel costs

A typical commercial vessel with 3000BHP engine, running on ULSFO in a SECA zone, burns 26t fuel/day and operates 290 days/year


With a PurEmissions unit they would;

  • save $2.5m fuel/year using LSFO
  • SOx, NOx & soot emissions would be close to zero
  • They can switch to low carbon fuels when available
  • Payback 6-12 months

ULSFO price = $1000/t, LSFO = $670/t 


Design Service

We create bespoke designs to ensure you can get all the benefits of the PurEmissions system for your vessel

Cargo Ship

Consumable Sales

We supply all your premium spare parts to ensure your PurEmissions system delivers optimum performance


Maintenance Contracts

We provide annual service contracts to test and adjust gas compositions, meter readings, etc to optimise performance of your PurEmissions system


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