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Next-gen Emissions Control Technology for the Maritime Industry

PurEmissions 2-in-1 combined NOx+PM emissions control technology allows any vessel to meet the toughest emission limits anywhere in the world.

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PurEmissions nano-catalytic technology

Our nano-catalytic technology outperforms existing pollution control units, enabling any vessel to reach emissions targets. 

We achieve the highest pollution reduction possible with 97% NOx removal and 99.9% Soot/dust removal at no extra cost, and with quicker and lower cost installation and maintenance efforts compared to other market solutions. 


Growing emissions

Worldwide the shipping industry is responsible for 30% NOx, 9% SOx and 3 % of all climate change emissions.

Emissions Control Areas (ECAs) continue to grow, with increased pressure on ports and fleets to reduce emissions.

How it works

How it works

The PurEmissions unit captures Carbon as Soot and reduces NOx at the same time.

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Why choose PurEmissions

Immediately reduce the carbon footprint of any vessel

Enable the transition to low or zero carbon fuels

Meet Emissions Control Area limits and hit ESG targets


State of the art design, combined with modern technology for the shipping industry.
Combines particulate filter and catalyst, protected from blinding and poisoning
Compact and simple design and operation
Long catalyst lifetime in excess of 5 years
Filter is cleaned in situ online without interruption to operation
200-350°C activity range - mild steel support structures minimise costs
A low cost transition metal oxide catalyst - no expensive Platinum Group Metals

Proven global applications

Our technology has been developed by our team over 15 years, and is already delivering optimum performance in over 100 industrial applications with a range of shipping fuels. *

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We provide a range of services to support your journey to sustainable shipping. 

We create bespoke designs to ensure you can get all the benefits of the PurEmissions system for your vessel.

We supply all your premium spare parts to ensure your PurEmissions system delivers optimum performance.

We provide annual service contracts to test and adjust gas compositions, meter readings, etc. to optimise performance of your PurEmissions system.



We're a team of industry experts, each with 30+ years of successful business growth.


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